Jackpot Games

Online jackpot games can be divided into two broad categories: those with a fixed jackpot and those with a progressive payout. Fixed jackpot games have fixed prices and fixed prize payments. It's important to keep in mind that the money up for grabs in these fixed jackpot games is quite modest. However, this has the benefit of increasing the frequency with which players can win big in the featured games. This concept has been adopted by a large number of popular jackpot slot games.

As with rollovers in the lottery, jackpots that progress keep growing until a winner is found. Three distinct types of jackpots are available: It's possible to win a progressive jackpot on a single machine, where the prize money grows smaller and smaller until a winner emerges. Lastly, there are the in-house progressive jackpots, which combine all of the remaining unclaimed rewards from all of the machines to create a single, greater jackpot award. Since the highest prizes can be won, these jackpots are quite popular. They have paid out millions of dollars to lucky winners on occasion.


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